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Can Zomato beat the competition with 10 min. delivery

On Monday Zomato’s founder and CEO Deepinder Goyal make a tweet. Suddenly Zomato sent Indians into a tizzy. Basically, in that tweet, the founder of Zomato Deepinder announced that they are going to introduce the 10 min food delivery to their customers. Now, Twitter is divided into two parts. On the one hand, you had Zomato with his bold and optimistic move; And on the other hand, some chunk of people who chanced on this Idea. Let’s understand that optimistic strategy which Zomato is going to execute for their 10 min food delivery.

If you are thinking that Zomato is the food delivery company then you are wrong. Zomato is a data company. Zomato has its user’s data such as location, most ordered dish, and much more. They have the support of millions of restaurants and cloud kitchens. Also, they are trying to incorporate warehouses and clod kitchens in neighbourhoods when the demand is at a peak.

Zomato will pursue demand prediction with their user data and highly accurate algorithms. As we told you earlier the company has more than 1.30 billion orders served. They know what people want and when they want. But one thing is different here “Menu”. Because Zomato knows what to sell when. They provide you 10 minutes delivery on quick preparation food items like Maggie noodles, tea, coffee, juice, etc…

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In short, you can order food that can be prepared either in 2-3 minutes or can be served as pre-prepared food. But people worried about the delivery folks. Because they are at high-risk takers in the 10-minute food delivery scheme. When your order is prepared in just 2-3 minutes, they have to deliver orders in the remaining time. So, people are concerned about their life. Zomato further clarifies that they are not going to put their delivery partners’ life at risk. Even they state that they can do it at the speed of 20 km per hour. The company will not give any extra perks for fast delivery. Also, they are not pressurizing them to deliver on time and no penalty for late delivery.

All sounds great here, but why company wants to bet on the 10-minute food delivery? Because they want to be an early mover in the new innovations. If they don’t do it someone else does it. And maybe do it in a better way and creates a barrier of entry. So, the company take bold and optimistic moves of delivering food in just 10 minutes.

Can Zomato succeed to break Domino’s barriers?

18 years back when Dominos decides to deliver pizzas in under 30 minutes. People laugh at Dominos and said it’s impossible. Then Dominos do the same. They started to predict the customer’s wants and behaviours. They relocate their stores near to dens area. They train their delivery partners on road safety, how to reach as soon as possible, and each and every detail of their routes. And Dominos succeed to deliver pizzas in just 30 mins. Later on, the company shut down these operations. Because in Europe they noticed the drastic change in the numbers of road accidents because of rash driving of Dominos pizza delivery partners. Now, Zomato wants to break that barrier to 10 minutes food delivery.


History Repeats. Zomato is trying to be an early mover with this optimistic 10-minute delivery Idea. But people’s concerns for their delivery partners are also not negligible. When Dominos do that in 30 minutes time frame, they put their delivery partners’ life at risk. Now Zomato does the same thing in a much shorter time. What do you think Can Zomato beat the competition with 10 min delivery? Let us know in the comment section.

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