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Is meatless meat the next megatrend in FMCG?

If you are a long-term investor then you should know about the megatrend. Megatrend means a quick and powerful transformative force that could change the global economy, business and society. Like the ...

Best monopoly stocks in every segment.

Monopoly stocks is the favourite category of veteran investor Mr. warren buffet. Monopoly is the thing which every single investor wants to see in their portfolio companies. A monopoly means a ...

WazirX, a falling knife; Nobody wants to catch!

“WazirX was acquired by Binance. Zanmai Labs is an Indian entity owned by me & my co-founders. Zanmai Labs has a license from Binance to operate INR-Crypto pairs in WazirX. Binance operates ...

Best monsoon picks for this monsoon season

On Friday, RBI increased the Repo rates. It increased by 50 BP (Basis Points). RBI increased it for 3rd time in a row since April this year. On the other hand, the monsoon is likely to do well. A good ...

The 11 Best Personal Finance Books of All Time: Its Your Money

Knowledge of personal finance is one of the most crucial things that can keep you alive in this ever-priced market. It teaches you to earn, manage, spend, and save the hard-earned money of yours and ...

Tax Harvesting: A way to increase profits.

March ending means to audit, finance, I-T returns, tax etc right? But, have you ever thought about your tax and government norms relation!? Basically, what I am trying to tell you is that in our ...


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