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How to gift stocks, ETFs and bonds with Zerodha.

Nowadays, financial freedom is the most fascinating and mandatory thing. In the old era, we all are used to giving the surprises and gifts such as watches, gold jewels, etc. Now the trend is changing. Everyone wants to do something unique and something that their loved ones don’t forget in future. The best way to gift or greet your loved one is “stocks”.
Stocks are likely to trend in India right now. Basically, financial assets such as Stock, ETFs and Bonds are the best way to gift in our opinion. These types of gifts are unique as well as beneficial to your loved ones. In India right now only one discount broker facilitates their clients to do that which is Zerodha. Zerodha provides a facility to their customers to gift Shares, Bonds and ETFs. Let’s understand the step-by-step process that how you can share these financial assets using Zerodha.

Gifting these financial assets is very easy nowadays. The complete process is online.

Step 1: To instantiate the process you need to visit Zerodha’s online platform called console. You can visit it by clicking here.
Step 2: Now you reach directly to the page where you have to fill out some details of the recipients. Such as the recipient’s name, mobile number and email address.
Step 3: After that, you need to choose which financial asset you want to gift. Whether it can be a Stock or it can be an ETF or it might bond. You can visit this sheet to refer to the stocks which are available for gifting in Zerodha.
Step 4: Now recipients get a confirmation mail and message that they have confirmed that within 7 days. here you have to take care of one thing if the recipient does not have the Zerodha Demat account that they are not eligible for the gift. To receive the gift they first need to open their Zerodha Demat account then after they can accept the gift. If they already have an account with Zerodha they can instantly accept the gift.


Step 5: Once the recipient accepts the gift you receive the mail and SMS notification to confirm the recipient’s identity. Also, this is the confirmation step for your gifting. To confirm that you need to enter your CDSL TPIN. If you don’t have your CDSL TPIN you can generate one by clicking here.
Step 6: Once you confirm the transaction Zerodha will set up the off-market gift transaction at CDSL. After that CDSL verify that transaction by sending you an OTP.
Step 7: Once this whole process was done. On that same day when CDSL confirms the trade at 5 PM, you will receive an email and SMS from CDSl asking you to confirm the off-market trade. You have to confirm that on their site Here you need to enter your 16-digit PAN number and you have to do an OTP verification by 8 PM on the same day.

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Step 8: And that’s all. You are good to go. After this simple process and confirmation, the holding will disappear from your portfolio holding and credits in the recipient’s account within the next day.

Fees and charges:

Gifting shares on Zerodha is completely free of cost. But the off-market transaction which was done through CDSL charges some fees. The charges are very nominal transfer fees are INR 25 + 18 per cent GST or 0.03 per cent per stock, whichever is higher. The charges will automatically be debited from the sender’s trading account.


Gifting these type of financial assets are on trend nowadays. You can do it too. You just need to follow a few simple steps. The process might seem too long but here we simplify that with 9 easy steps. Also, it is unique and secure. If you facing any difficulties in the process don’t hesitate to ask us in below comment section.

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