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In order to help😇 the small Indian restaurants get back to business after the easing of the lockdown, the social networking service Instagram has come up with an initiative.

It is setting up a partnership🤝 with online food ordering platforms, Swiggy and Zomato.

It is also launching a food order sticker that will aid restaurants stay in touch✋ with customers, enabling them to order food from these eateries.

How it works?

To begin using this sticker, restaurants need to have the latest version of the Instagram app and ☝️must use a business or a creator account.

They can then add one of their partner’s links (Zomato or Swiggy) for food orders to their Instagram profile.

They can then share these links🤳 to their followers by using this sticker in stories, or share on their Instagram Profile with the “Order Food” button.

They can also re-share the stickers with their followers to spread the word🔀 about this.

Keeping up the good work

This new initiative by Instagram is another of its effort👍 to support small businesses during these difficult times.

Earlier this month, it also launched the ‘Support Small Business sticker’ to help businesses🏢 attract new customers and stay connected to the ones that they already serve.

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