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E-commerce giant Amazon has broadened its efforts to counter✋ the sale of counterfeit goods on its platform.

The company has taken its anti-counterfeit program named, “Project Zero” to seven more countries🗺️.

It will now be available to sellers🤵🏻 on the Amazon online stores in Australia, Brazil, Singapore, UAE etc

With this expansion, Project Zero is now available in 17 countries including India.

What exactly is it?

Project Zero was launched in 2019🗓️.

It provides a self-service tool to brands through which they can ☝️directly remove the counterfeit listings of their products from Amazon’s stores.

This is done during product serialization by using a unique code🔢 during the manufacturing or packaging process.

It later allows Amazon to individually scan🔎 and confirm their authenticity.

The counterfeit removals are fed into Amazon’s automated protections🤖 to automatically prevent and block🚫 such attempts in future.

Over 10,000 brands, ranging from large, global brands😎 to emerging entrepreneurs have already enrolled in Project Zero.

They include Arduino, BMW, ChessCentral, LifeProof, OtterBox, Salvatore Ferragamo and Veet.

Bezos under the scanner!

Project Zero’s expansion has come after Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos got questioned😠 by the members of the U.S. Congress in July over the sale of counterfeit goods on his platform.

On his part, Bezos pointed out to his company, putting over 1,000 employees👷‍♀️ to focus on this task.

The company has also committed hundreds of millions of dollars💰 to this effort.

Meanwhile, some retailers have also called for introducing a regulation📃 that would require more verification for online marketplace sellers.

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