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The Covid-19 pandemic has clearly disrupted😣 the traditional ways as to how retailers carried out their business.

Since customers are presently wary🤨 of going to their premises, companies have been looking for new ways to reach them.

Shoe major Bata India is also increasing↗️ its efforts in this regard by focussing on the big cities.

The company is going to introduce ☝️its delivery channel initiative named ‘Bata on Wheels’ in Kolkata in the next 5-6 weeks.

This is part of Bata’s efforts to enhance its multi-channel presence.

The company already runs ‘Bata on Wheels’ in 86 locations🏢 across north India.

It is looking to expand the same to metro cities🌆 after the complete easing of the lockdown.

Bata India is also going to expand its presence across online marketplaces👨🏻‍💻 to boost sales.

Need of the hour

Since presently, people’s focus is on practising social distancing norms, shift to work-from-home and avoidance🚫 of social gatherings has had a considerable impact on the sales of lifestyle products such as footwear👞.

About Bata

Bata is a multinational footwear, clothing and accessories brand.

It was founded in 1894🗓️ by Tomas’ Bata and his two siblings in the present-day Czech Republic.

The company extended its operations to neighbouring European countries in the early 20th century.

Interestingly, Bata had a policy of setting up villages, named after the company around its factories🏭 for its workers.

The company started its India operations in 1931.

After World War II, the eastern European govt nationalized Bata’s factories and took over its assets😫.

Bata then moved its headquarters to Britain.

It expanded into new markets throughout the world🗺️.

In 2004, Bata moved their headquarters to Lausanne, Switzerland🇨🇭.

Bata India’s total income💰 in FY20 was over Rs. 3,100 crores.

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