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Coronavirus pandemic has virtually broken the back😣 of the retail and restaurant business segments.

With no end in sight to this crisis, the outlook for revival of such businesses is highly uncertain☹️.

As a consequence, many top retail brands situated at premium locations in the metros🏙️ are now shifting to such areas where the rentals are low.

Meanwhile, others are renegotiating🤨 over this issue with their landlords.

The Details

Lately, topmost commercial areas of the country like Delhi’s Connaught Place and Mumbai’s Linking Road are witnessing the exit🚚 of premium retail brands such as Levi’s, Nike and Sketchers.

This trend is also visible at one of Delhi’s another top commercial location, Khan Market🏢 from where brands such as Smoke House Deli, Cafe Turtle, Full Circle, Smokey’s etc. are making their way out.

Notably, till last year rents in Khan Market ranged from Rs. 7 to 10 lakh a month😳.

But now, they have crashed by as much as 80%📉.

A Changed Scenario

Because of the present economic distress, retailers and high-end restaurateurs have also renegotiated🗣️ their commercial arrangements with their landlords.

Some of them have seen the entire rental waiver for the peak lockdown period🔒.

They will also get heavy discounts🙂 in the decreasing magnitude for the subsequent months.

Significantly, they will also benefit🤑 from the waiving off of the condition of minimum rental guarantee for the coming months.

Meanwhile, some of the other such businesses will now run their operations entirely on a revenue-sharing🤝 basis instead of paying rentals till things get back to normal.

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