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It is ☝️now clear as to who would face Donald Trump in the US Presidential elections in November.

On Friday, the former Vice-President, Joe Biden👴 secured enough delegates in the recently held primaries to clinch the Democratic presidential nomination✌️.

The Details

The 77-year-old Biden secured 1995 delegates, which are four more than the mandatory 1,991 needed to get his party’s nomination.

Notably, a delegate represents a U.S congressional district and pledges🤝 his/her support and also campaigns for a candidate.

Biden, whose vice presidency lasted from 2009 to 2017🗓️ during President Barack Obama’s tenure, would formally be nominated at the Democratic National Convention🎊 in August.

Doesn’t come as a surprise!

At the start of 2020, there were more than a dozen candidates👥 in the race to secure the Democratic Party’s nomination.

However, Joe Biden was always considered as a frontrunner😎 considering his past vice presidency record.

His only worthwhile rival Bernie Sanders quit the race🙅🏻‍♂️ in April and endorsed Biden.

Now both have joined forces✊ to defeat Trump.

Already on the offensive

Joe Biden recently launched a fierce attack🗣️ on Trump’s handling of the ongoing civil unrest following the tragic death😢 of black African American, George Floyd.

Meanwhile, Trump who is seeking re-election to the top post, describes Biden as “Sleepy Joe.”

He has accused Biden of failing to secure US interests in regard to trade deals📦 with China during his time in office.

According to Real Clear Politics, a leading polling data aggregator👨🏻‍💼, Biden currently has a lead of 7% points over Trump in all the major opinion polls.

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