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In view of the rising Covid cases😷 in Delhi and NCR, Mother Dairy, a leading milk supplier in the area has introduced butterscotch flavoured haldi milk.

It will be sold as an 💪immunity-boosting product.

The company has priced it at Rs. 25 per bottle.

Notably, Mother Dairy’s this offering comes just a few weeks after its main competitor🤼‍♀️, Amul also launched a similar product.

What’s so special about it?

As per Mother Dairy, this milk has been made with concentrated turmeric extract.

Thus, consuming each of its bottle delivers ☝️the same benefit as taking one teaspoon of haldi powder in milk.

The company has also pointed out to the self-care guidelines📃 and recommendations issued by the AYUSH ministry in this regard.

Notably, the latter has emphasized on the need to consume🥛 immunity-boosting products during this pandemic.

An age-old remedy

Turmeric is considered good👍 for one’s general well-being as it is known to contain curcumin, a flavonoid that supports a healthy immune response.

Its benefits are also backed by Ayurveda🌿 which recommends it as a safeguard from common day-to-day infections.

About Mother Dairy

Mother Dairy is a wholly-owned subsidiary of National Development Dairy Board (NDDB)🏢.

After starting out in 1974 as a milk producer, it now sells other milk products such as ice creams🍧, paneer and ghee under its own brand name.

Apart from them, it sells fruits and vegetables🥕, frozen vegetables, pulses and honey etc. under the brand name ‘Safal’.

The company also owns the edible oil brand, ‘Dhara.’

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