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For the past many years, beverage companies have been facing major criticism­čśá from the environmentalists.

These firms have been accused of doing little to substitute plastic packaging of their products. which eventually have a major negative impact on the environment­čî│.

Now, Diageo, one of the biggest global beverage alcohol drinks maker has taken ÔśŁ´ŞĆa revolutionary step in this regard.

It has joined hands­čĄŁ with consumer goods giants, PepsiCo and Unilever, to introduce paper bottles for their brands in 2021.

About this technique

The technology behind these bottles has been provided by a firm named Pulpex packaging.

While most glass bottle alternatives still need to use a plastic inner layer to contain the liquid, these paper bottles are made from renewable wood raw material­čśç.

They are first formed into shapes and are put in microwave ovens.

They are then internally sprayed with specialized coatings so that it is safe­čĹŹ to put drinks in them for human consumption.

Benefits –

Since there will be no need­čÜź to separate the inner plastic and outer pulp layers in these bottles, they will be fully recyclable in standard waste recycling techniques.

They have a respective 90% and 30% lower carbon footprintÔś║´ŞĆ than glass and PET.

The technology can be used across a variety of single mould bottles across consumer goods.

It will allow brands to create new packaging designs­čŤâ, or turn even more existing designs into the paper without compromising on product quality.

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