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The Supreme Court has taken ☝️a major decision which is bound to revolutionise the legal system in the country.

It has allowed serving of summons and legal notices through WhatsApp, Telegram and Email📧.

The top court has decided that two blue ticks on a legal notice or summon sent via WhatsApp🤳 would amount to legal evidence that the intended recipient has indeed seen the document.

This order marks as a huge step towards digitisation of Indian legal proceedings, where notices and summons used to be sent either by mail📬 or delivered in person.

What brought this shift?

As per the Supreme Court, this innovation was necessary because of the challenges posed by the ongoing covid-19 pandemic😷.

Physical delivery of notices and summons has become quite difficult😣 because of the several localized lockdowns in various parts of the country.

Moreover, travelling to post offices, courts and banks🏦 is not always possible even in normal circumstances.

Notably, just a few months ago, the top court had also allowed court hearings via video conferencing👨🏻‍💻 across the country in view of the pandemic.

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