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The Indian economy is presently bearing the brunt of the mass exodus of migrant workers🚎 to their native places during the lockdown.

Now, with the gradual reopening, various sectors, particularly manufacturing and construction are facing acute labour shortages😣.

While factories🏭 are running at way below their full capacities, many construction projects have come to an abrupt halt.

To get out of this crisis, such companies are trying to lure👋 the migrants back to the cities by offering various kinds of incentives.

These include free travel tickets, housing🏘️ and food.

Yielding results

The above-mentioned offers made by companies seem to be having a decent impact.

It is evident from the fact that train services🚆 to various cities from U.P and Bihar, which are home to the majority of migrant workers’ population, are running at full capacity.

Making Alternative arrangements too

As the return of all the migrants to their previous jobs does not seem realistic for now, companies are also hiring🙋🏻‍♂️ and training locally available labour force.

However, it has a drawback as it is raising↗️ hiring costs by as much as 10%.

This would certainly push up operating costs in the coming months🗓️.

Relief after nightmare

After suffering acute misery😢 in their bid to return to their native places, the migrants are getting some relief in the form of free food, fuel and cash transfers💸 handed out by the govt.

Last week the govt. extended⏩ the free food program until November.

With such freebies on offer🤑, migrants are now no longer desperate to return to their previous jobs in cities as before.

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