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There has been a very interesting development🤨 regarding the upcoming U.S Presidential elections.

One of show business’s biggest personalities, rapper Kanye West😎 has announced that he is running for the President this time around.

West made this announcement via twitter👨🏻‍💻, where he has nearly 3 crore followers.

Within hours of declaring his intentions, Kanye West got support👍 from Elon Musk, the somewhat eccentric chief executive of electric-car maker Tesla.

A bolt from the blue!

Kanye West’s announcement to contest has surprised many😳, as he has been quite a vocal supporter of President Trump in the past.

West along with his celebrity wife, the reality TV star, Kim Kardashian👩🏻‍🦰 has worked with Trump in the recent past, calling for reforms in the US criminal justice system.

They have also successfully lobbied to secure the release of several prisoners.

Kanye West faces a series of hurdles in his bid to contest the Presidential polls.

His only realistic option☝️ is to appear as an independent candidate.

However, deadlines for registering as one have already passed😖 in some of the key states.

More significantly, he would also need to hire staff and volunteers😇 to collect tens of thousands of signatures across the country.

West is certainly short of time on that count, as registration periods would close in August and September🗓️.

Making it even difficult for him is the fact that the U.S is presently in the midst of a severe Covid-19 pandemic😷.

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