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There’s bad news for shoppers who were looking forward to getting some hefty discounts🤑 at the malls as they reopen next week.

Many of the retailers have decided against giving such discounts✋ despite the fact that loads of unsold inventory particularly of apparel and lifestyle products is lying with them.

What’s the reason?

The retailers have made this decision so that social distancing norms in view of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic😷 are strictly observed.

Notably, the reopening of malls will coincide with the end-of-season sales that typically start after mid-June🗓️.

This is likely to increase the footfalls👥 and is thus bound to raise the potential risk of covid spread😳 among the customers.

As per govt. guidelines📃, shops must ensure that customers keep at least six feet away from others and that ☝️no more than five shoppers are allowed inside at the same time.

Size matters!

Some retailers are of the view that the number of shoppers should instead be based on the size of the store🏢.

Large department stores who have space of even more than 40,000 sq. feet are confident🙂 of accommodating more shoppers while ensuring strict social distancing at the same time.

What’s the operators take?

While most mall operators are readying protocols for consumer safety, they cannot influence🤷🏻‍♂️ discounting policies by their retail tenants.

However, they have advised the latter to call their loyal customers at a pre-decided time so that they need not wait🙁 outside the malls or shops.

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