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With the onset of harsh Indian summeršŸ„µ, Indians sipping on their cold drinks and lassis or gorging on ice-creams is a common sight.

But 2020 has been quite a different storyšŸ˜®.

Instead, this summer, a lot of Indians have been opting for hot beverages such as tea, coffeeā˜•, hot chocolate and cocoa.

How come?

The reason behind this abnormal trend has been the Covid-19 outbreakšŸ˜·.

The worried consumers, being extremely cautiousšŸ¤Ø about their wellness are focussing on building šŸ’Ŗimmunity in view of the pandemic.

That is why they are opting for hot beverages which as per their belief are beneficialā˜ļø because of their natural, herbal ingredientsšŸŒæ and ayurvedic properties.

Sellers making most of it

Because of the shift in consumersā€™ preference, both wholesalers and retailersšŸ›’ are witnessing a major surge in the sale of hot beverage products compared to the pre-covid days.

Wholesalers such as Metro Cash and Carry and Max Wholesale have reported a rise of 40-50%šŸ“ˆ in the sales of tea and coffee in April and May.

On the same lines, Walmart India has witnessed an increase in the sale of smaller packs of tea meant primarily for home consumptionšŸ .

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