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One of the best wearable technology for the blind😎 has been developed by neuroscientists of Wicab Inc.

This device allows the blind to see without the help of eyes👀.

BrainPort vision device technology is defined as a wearable tech that translates the information/data from a digital video camera📹 to the tongue of the users with a small electric stimulation.

In simple words, a camera image is just being transformed🔀 into something which users can feel and then see inside their heads.

The Parts

Hence it is used as a technology for the blind.

👉 Digital Video Camera

It is placed in a pair of glasses🕶 *to capture *the visual data.

Signals from the camera are then passed to the Brainport device along a cable and then to the lollipop🍭-shaped stick, placed on the tongue.

👉 BrainPort Balance

It consists of a power button to start and stop the BrainPort balance.

Then there is a control unit which comprises a CPU and a battery🔋.

CPU is used here to convert the digital output from the camera into electric pulses⚡. Also, there is a Lollipop shaped stick which consists of 3 parts: Electrode Array, Simulation Circuitry, Accelerometer.

The Working

👉 Video camera collects visual information.
👉 A control unit translates the data and sends to the electrode array on the tongue.
👉 Users tongue will feel the shape of the object seen.
👉 Electrical impulses given to the brain through nerves in the tongue will eventually help the user to learn the shape of the object.

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