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In a welcome development, one of the world’s biggest companies has decided to accelerate its efforts⏩ to tackle climate change crisis.

The Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant, Unilever is to invest 1 billion euros💰 in a fund for climate change projects.

It is also aiming to reduce the net greenhouse gas emissions💨 from all its products to zero by 2039.

Remarkably, this target period is 11 years ahead of the Paris Agreement deadline of 2050🗓️.

Under this deal, efforts✊ are to be made to limit the increase in global average temperature to 1.5% over pre-industrial levels.

More on Unilever’s initiative

The fund set up by Unilever will invest in projects such as reforestation🌳, water preservation etc. over the next ten years.

The net-zero emission target is an extension of efforts that the Unilever is already undertaking😇 to reduce emissions within its premises by 2030.

The biggest one of them is reducing⤵️ electricity consumption within company’s offices🏢.

Notably, in 2019, Unilever’s total greenhouse gas footprint was equivalent to around 6 crore tonnes of carbon dioxide.

Will use its leverage

Unilever, which has an annual turnover of about 52 billion euros has also decided to prefer setting up partnerships🤝 with those suppliers who have set emission reduction targets.

The company would also set up a system where its suppliers would have to declare📃, the carbon footprint of goods and services they provide.

From 2039 onwards, the consumer will get to know the carbon footprint of each of Unilever’s product🧴 through its packaging.

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